Everything on one screen

Feed Me allows you to keep up with the nutrition, sleep, diapers and medicine use of your child.

The app shows you a list of your entries, useful day totals and gives directly access to adding entries.

All in one screen.


Custom interaction

We know that having children can be a hand full.

With Feed Me's custom interaction you can make new entries with only a few movements of just one hand.


Multiple children

Sometimes you need to keep up with more than one child.

You can create simplistic profiles for each child and quickly switch between them.


Work together

Caring for a child is not a one person's job.

With Feed Me you can easily work together with your partner and others to keep up with your child.

Feed Me uses your personal iCloud Drive; no need for accounts and completely secure.


Privacy First

Your privacy is our focus.

Only you and the people you trust can access your data. We make sure nobody else can.

You can read our privacy policy here.

Start tracking with Feed Me today!

available in English and Dutch